The clinical leads for the neurology workstream were appointed on 18th July 2017 and endorsed by the Association of British Neurologists. You can read more about the appointment of clinical leads here.

You can contact the project manager for this workstream at [email protected]

The GIRFT national report on neurology has now been published

Click here to download or view the report

Click here to read an overview of the report and its recommendations.

We’ve also produced a short video with a summary of the report, including the key recommendations and opportunities for improvement.

On 12th January 2022, Dr Geraint Fuller, GIRFT clinical lead, hosted a webinar to discuss key aspects of the national report and how the recommendations can improve access to both inpatient and outpatient services.   You can view the webinar below. 

On the 9th March 2022 GIRFT clinical lead, Dr Geraint Fuller hosted a webinar to discuss the key recommendations from the GIRFT neurology national report on acute neurology services.  You can view the webinar below.

Click here to download the GIRFT neurology methodology document >

Click here to download the background information excel spreadsheet >

The GIRFT neurology methodology document, available here, describes the methodology used for the regional presentations and the way services are provided to patients with neurological disorders across England. It also highlights some of the key findings from regional analysis. These findings have been the basis for the GIRFT regional presentations and will provide the context for the analysis presented at GIRFT trust provider visits. Click here to download the accompanying excel spreadsheet, which provides some background information on which the methodology is based.

Clinical Lead: Dr Geraint Fuller

Consultant neurologist, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Gloucester Royal Hospital).

Dr Fuller has worked as a consultant neurologist in Gloucester since 1994. He has an interest in general neurology and neurological education. He has been Chair of the Specialty Advisory Committee for neurology that oversees neurological training in the UK, and was president of the Association of British Neurologists from 2013 to 2015.

“Neurology is a specialty that is changing dramatically and can now provide increasingly effective treatment for many patients with neurological disease. Access to these treatments across the UK is patchy. The GIRFT project provides an opportunity to improve this so that all patients with neurological disease can receive the most effective and appropriate treatments.”

Senior Clinical Advisor: Professor Adrian Williams

Professor of Neurology, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, and NHSE Chair of the Neurosciences CRG, the National Neurosciences Advisory Group and the West Midlands Senate.

“I am delighted to become part of the formidable GIRFT team and look forward to applying its successful techniques to some of the longstanding but solvable problems of timely and equitable access of patients to neurological interventions of value.”