Lung Cancer

Dr Beckett and Dr Doffman’s appointments are endorsed by the British Thoracic Society, Dr Toy’s appointment is endorsed by The Royal College of Radiologists.

You can read more about their appointment here.

You can contact the project manager for this workstream at [email protected]

Clinical Lead, Dr Paul Beckett

Respiratory physician at University Hospitals of Derby and Burton

Dr Beckett is consultant respiratory physician at University Hospitals of Derby and Burton. He has been a clinical lead for the National Lung Cancer Audit for more than 10 years, and through this has published a number of research papers on lung cancer epidemiology.

He has served as a member of the British Thoracic Oncology Group steering group and as chair of the British Thoracic Society Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma Specialist Advisory Group. He is a member of the Royal College of Physicians Quality Improvement Faculty, combining both theoretical and practical experience in delivering service improvement.

Clinical Lead, Dr Elizabeth Toy

Consultant clinical oncologist at the Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation NHS Trust

Dr Toy is a consultant clinical oncologist based at the Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation NHS Trust, where until recently she was clinical director for cancer and end of life care.

Her primary clinical interests are in patients with lung and upper gastrointestinal cancers. Following oncology training in Wales and Vancouver she was appointed to the Exeter Oncology Centre in 2001.

Currently she serves on the National Lung Cancer Expert Reference Group and has previously been a member of the Chemotherapy Clinical Reference Group.


Specialist lung cancer nurses: Victoria Anderson and Monica Hugh