Geriatric Medicine

The clinical lead for the the geriatric surgery workstream was appointed on 18th July 2017 and endorsed by the British Geriatrics Society. You can read more about the appointment of clinical leads here.

You can contact the project manager for this workstream at [email protected]

The GIRFT national report on geriatric medicine has now been published

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Click here to read an overview of the report and its recommendations.

We’ve also produced a short video with a summary of the report, including the key recommendations and opportunities for improvement.

On 20th May 2022, Dr Adrian Hopper, GIRFT clinical lead for geriatric medicine, and Dr Jennifer Burns, president of the British Geriatrics Society (BGS), co-hosted a webinar to discuss opportunities to improve frailty care in England and looked at how the implementation of the report recommendations can help quality improvement in frailty care, as well as the importance from a user perspective.   You can view the webinar below.

Clinical Lead: Dr Adrian Hopper

Consultant Physician and Deputy Medical Director, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT), London.

Dr Hopper is a physician with a special interest in Geriatric Medicine at GSTT. He is Deputy Medical Director for Patient Safety, and Clinical Director for Patient Safety at the Health Innovation Network in South London. He was also the Lead for the Medicine Clinical Academic Group for King’s Health Partners. In 2009, Dr Hopper was awarded the NHS Leadership Award (Quality Champion), and in 2010 the BMJ Group Award for Clinical Leadership.

Dr Hopper said: “I’m really excited to get involved in the GIRFT programme. Geriatric medicine is very important but concerns the whole pathway of care and not just hospital data. This presents its own set of unique challenges which I am keen to tackle with my colleagues across the NHS in England. I am looking forward to learning from them and sharing good models of care for older people.”

Five minutes with… Dr Adrian Hopper

Q: How did you first become interested in geriatric medicine?
I knew early on that I wanted to do a medical specialty and could never be a surgeon. I happened to do some early training jobs in geriatric medicine and found it very exciting; the scale of the challenge (which continues to grow), the need to understand and work within a complex system that needs to be patient and carer-focused, and the opportunities for change and improvement.

Q: What excites you most about your specialty?

Frailty is one of the major healthcare challenges and in my career I have seen management of frailty moving from something that was ignored to centre stage of both hospital and hospital community interface practice. Frailty is one of the biggest sources of variation within a hospital and we have models, guidelines and approaches that can make a big difference.

Q: What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Creating a care bundle (the AMBER Care Bundle) to support effective patient-centred decision-making in patients who may be approaching end of life where there is uncertainty about their recovery. It started as a local project at my hospital and has grown to be used widely in the NHS and internationally.

Q: Who or what inspires you?

The fortitude of the many, many patients and carers that I have worked with.

Q: How do you relax?

Cycling to work – a meditation on the day ahead. And in Scotland, surrounded by nature.