Best Practice Library – Orthopaedics

Key overarching resources

The resources below are relevant across most or all of the areas and metrics listed on this page.

Metric/recommendation Performance measure (top decile or national standard)
equivalent to 4 total hip or knee joint replacements in all-day list (8 hours)
Percentage of cemented or hybrid hip replacements for patients aged 70+ 99.5%
Average length of stay for elective primary hip replacements 3.00
Emergency readmission following primary hip replacement within 30 days 3.2%
Average length of stay for elective knee replacements 3.0
Emergency readmission following knee replacement within 30 days 3.7%
Percentage of FNOF patients meeting best practice criteria 90%
Surgical site infection rate following surgery for FNOF <3%
Surgical site infection rate for elective primary arthroplasty <1%
Orthopaedic surgery – day case rates (all procedures excluding total joint replacements) 93%
Orthopaedic surgery – Conversion from daycase to inpatient stay 1.5%
On the day cancellation rate for elective orthopaedics for non-clinical reasons (benchmark) 0.8%