Best Practice Library

The Best Practice Library brings together, in one place, the knowledge of best practice gained through our GIRFT deep-dive visits to hospitals and clinically-led national reports. This knowledge will support data-driven healthcare improvement in the UK and internationally.

The Best Practice Library will cover 40 specialties and cross-cutting themes, and will signpost healthcare providers and healthcare professionals to established best practice, support for implementation and an evidence base to support the case for change.

We are already able to share over 30 procedure pathways, developed across London, together with a comprehensive guide to increasing day case activity.

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Recent updates and additions are highlighted in blue.

  • Sentinel metrics listed
  • Hip and knee replacement pathway
  • Case studies
  • Sentinel metrics listed
  • Cataract pathways
  • Case studies

COVID-19 >

  • GIRFT Clinical Practice Guide
  • Advice and guidance in 5 specialties

Spinal services >

  • Sentinel metrics listed
  • Five pathways
  • 8 direct metric links

Urology >

  • Sentinel metrics listed
  • 4 pathways added
  • Framework document added

Diabetes >

  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Inpatient Care
  • Diabetic Footcare

ENT Surgery >

  • GIRFT National Report
  • Sentinel Metrics

Litigation >

  • Litigation claims report
  • Case studies

National reports are shared with NHS staff and professional bodies under embargo. To access, please request a password by emailing [email protected]

  • National day surgery delivery pack
  • Appendix document with pathways
  • Webinar recording
  • 28 pathways
  • 7 specialties
  • HVLC guide
  • Key interventions
  • Theatre principles

The Best Practice Library resources will include:

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Best Practice Pathways

Case studies


in addition to GIRFT Good Practice Handbooks, guidelines, advice packs, and national reports.

The GIRFT Academy Online Learning Platform

Over the coming months, the Academy will develop its content beyond the best practice library into an online learning platform including GIRFT webinars, masterclasses and QI methodology.

This online learning platform will inform, educate and align clinicians, managers and other staff on the key aspects of GIRFT, enabling them to deliver change and successful outcomes.